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Catering, Laundry, Cleaning, Fumigation & Janitorial Services

Kaizen® Catering and Allied Services company, KCAAS is dedicated to offering a wide range of services such as Catering, Laundry, Cleaning, Fumigation and Janitorial services.

Kaizen® Catering and Allied Services, has been able to effectively coordinate and organize successful and cost-effective network that encompasses specialized equipment, logistic fleet (owned/hired) and the financial capacity to provide bulk catering services for all tiers of management in not only Oil & Gas sector but other Government organisations. Our team of caterers, janitorial and general hospitality staff forecast which result in an increase in responsiveness and efficiency times and help to maintain a seamless operative cycle. Strategic forecasting guarantees that there is no time lag in our delivery and our monthly and quarterly service schedules are formulated keeping in mind additional services, emergencies and even cost rises months in advance. As supply is outsourced from local nearby communities, one of our major focus is on the logistics, supply and storage of produce which means that we are partners but retain in-house experts. Our catering services provide a wide range of menu items and in fact, include a seasonal menu as well as an 'a-la-carte one.

KCAAS has well trained staff with a range of imported and local laundry machines. In addition to this, we also have technical staff that can repair and maintain all these machines.

KCAAS has professionally trained and highly skilled staff for dealing with all sorts of fumigation processes using different techniques both for space and soil fumigation. Our staff has years of experience in fumigation, food safety, pest management, fogging and Non-toxic alternatives. We also have specially trained staff for dengue control.

KCAAS has trained staff that understand the requirement of proper cleaning of offices, washrooms and residential cabins (porta cabins) for all tiers of management. We plan our cleaning services requirements as per client's requirements and site specifications such as the physical layout and number of daily users.