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Since 1999, Kaizen, under the name of Staco Construction Pvt Ltd., has been working on wide range of projects related to not only the construction industry in Pakistan but to other industries within the private and government sector.

KAIZENĀ® catering, came into existence with an aim to serve large scale projects alongside the need to provide customized and dedicated allied services to the contracted industry. With a history of professionally managing catering and organizing a range of other services, Kaizen has been able to imbibe confidence and reliability in the delivery of their services by engaging a large pool of experienced and professionally trained workforce including a team of management, non-management and support staff.

As one of the growing companies in this sector in Pakistan, Kaizen has in the past been able to showcase a strong track record of effective distribution and chain production that ensures that its clientele often in remote and inhospitable locations are given logistic support and operational advantages.

'The word 'Kaizen' is Sino-Japanese for 'improvement' and it has been our primary goal to provide reliable, cost-effective and quality catering service to our clients. Alongside the drive to have a competitive edge, the company has valued the main principles that embody the Kaizen method including the need to continuously improve, reduce risk by installing a 'zero defect' policy, increase customer orientation and inclusion, provide discipline in the workplace and standardize quality control. It is with this drive and commitment that the company has been able to progress and maintain a clear, concise objective with a mission to 'provide premium catering and allied services to valued clients at best rates, to earn their long term business relationship and trust.'


At Kaizen, the systematic procurement, distribution and service which includes logistics and operational management has been defined by our ability to strategize and organize our supply chain mechanisms. Through exemplary skills in coordinating, Kaizen, has been able to progress and manage our network of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors all over Pakistan. By using 'stock-stores' near remote sites, the company takes special care when providing fresh produce and uses routine procedures to ensure quality control. All materials dispatched to the site are laboratory tested by professional staff and the company uses ERP based software in order to ensure that all sites and stores are given exact quantities of each item consumed, and needed to be recouped in the stores on daily basis.